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“It was an one of the best explanations of Agility I’ve ever seen :)”
– Keynote @Commerzbank

Thank you Matthias Orgler for your super inspiring talk and your perspective on mistakes!”
– Talk @Vodafone

“You changed my mind so very much. […] You’re explaining in a human way […] I’m a big fan of you.”
– Alex Gijashvili, CEO Agile School

“So many pearls of wisdom. I even started using them at work since I discovered you. Thank you. 😊” – Erik Jan Zuiderveld

“We will definitely book you for more keynote speeches. We received great feedback from our team 😊”
– Keynote @Lufthansa

“Try to listen to it! Matthias Orgler is one of the best coaches I have come across during my career – and certainly lives and breathes agility!”
– Markus Flacke, Business Development Manager @Lufthansa Industry Solutions

“I attended your lecture […]. It was exceptionally good!” – Talk @WomenInAgile Seattle

“Your point of view is not ordinary […], is not a book point of view. I can read books, okay, but when I hear true stories from someone with experience, it’s something very different”
– Alex Gijashvili, CEO Agile School

On-Site & Virtual

As an experienced speaker, Matthias is happy to deliver keynotes and talks virtually as well as on-site.

On-Site Engagements: A Symphony of Ideas

Prepare for more than just a talk. Matthias brings the stage to life, turning each keynote into a captivating performance. Leveraging his natural stage presence honed from years in the music industry, he weaves together knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration into a seamless narrative. From the intricacies of team dynamics to the nuances of corporate culture, Matthias’ presentations strike the perfect chord, engaging audiences and sparking transformation.

Virtual Keynotes: Designed for Impact

When it comes to virtual engagements, Matthias transcends the ordinary. His virtual keynotes are crafted with a ‘remote-first’ philosophy, ensuring that every online event is as dynamic and engaging as its on-site counterpart. Utilizing professional-grade equipment, sound effects, and multi-camera setups, Matthias creates an interactive and immersive virtual experience. His ability to connect and captivate through the screen ensures that every participant feels part of a shared journey towards agility and excellence.


Matthias is dedicated to provide actionable insights and inspiring narratives that ignite the desire for change, whether through in-person engagements or virtual presentations.

  • Agility & Agile Methods
  • Mistakes & Failure Culture
  • Psychological Safety
  • What Makes Agility Really Work
  • Agile Transformations
  • High-Performing Teams
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Lean Startup
  • Organizational Culture
  • Test Automation & TDD
  • Continuous Integration

Matthias can draw on his experience of 20+ years of agility, working with global corporations and startups alike. He has worked with such diverse industries as telecommunications, finance, automotive, manufacturing, software, energy, and aviation.


Matthias speaks German and English fluently. He has worked in Silicon Valley as well as in Germany and is familiar with the American as well as many European cultures.

Please kindly indicate the language you’d like Matthias to deliver your keynote in:


  • English 🇺🇸
  • Deutsch 🇩🇪

Expertise Beyond the Stage

Matthias is not just a speaker; he’s a seasoned expert in agile transformations, with a rich history of guiding organizations since 2003. Holding a Masters in Computer Science, he delves deep into technical agility topics like TDD and CI/CD, while always keeping the human aspect at the forefront. Matthias embodies the agile mindset, offering insights and practical strategies to cultivate it within your team or organization.

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Whether on-site or online, Matthias guarantees an unforgettable keynote experience that combines depth, dynamism, and a touch of musical magic. Discover how agility, leadership, and innovation can harmonize to create a performance that educates, entertains, and inspires. Book Matthias for your next event and witness the transformation firsthand.