About Matthias

Matthias Orgler is a prominent agile coach, consultant, and speaker with a wealth of experience in agile methodologies and transformations. He has a diverse professional background, having worked in various industries including telecommunications, finance, automotive, manufacturing, software, energy, and aviation. Matthias is known for his ability to help organizations navigate agile transformations, create high-performing teams, and foster innovative product development.

Key Areas of Expertise

1. Agile Coaching and Transformations: Matthias specializes in planning and executing agile transformations, helping organizations become truly agile by getting stuck transformations unstuck and creating high-performance cultures. He offers training in various agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe, and focuses on continuous improvement and lean startup principles.

2. Leadership and Psychological Safety: He coaches leadership teams to cultivate a high-performance culture and emphasizes the critical role of psychological safety in agile teams. His work aims to improve trust and communication within teams, ensuring a supportive environment that fosters innovation.

3. Educational Programs and Keynotes: Matthias runs educational programs like Agile Coach Education, providing group training, practical exercises, and personal coaching sessions. His keynotes blend entertainment with deep insights, leveraging his background in music to create engaging and impactful presentations both on-site and virtually.

4. Technical Agility: With a Master’s in Computer Science, Matthias dives deep into technical topics like test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD), ensuring that technical agility complements organizational agility.

Impact and Testimonials

Matthias has worked with numerous global corporations and startups, delivering keynotes that resonate deeply with his audiences. His clients include well-known companies like Vodafone, Commerzbank, and Lufthansa, who praise his ability to inspire and provide practical, actionable insights. He is also a member of the Silicon Valley Alliances, reflecting his significant experience and influence in the field of agile coaching.

Matthias Orgler is not just about frameworks and methodologies; he emphasizes the human aspects of agility, making his approach holistic and deeply effective. His work continues to inspire and transform organizations worldwide.

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