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How long is your backlog?

How long is your backlog?

If you start having trouble finding stories – or wondering whether the story is already in there somewhere – your backlog is probably too long 😅 The idea of a product backlog is that of a short-term buffer. A backlog lasting about 6 weeks is good; a backlog lasting 6...

How to slow down your business

How to slow down your business

If you can change direction every 2 weeks 🐆, but you only decide to change direction once a year 🐌, you‘re not agile. Agility is far too often confined to the delivery organization. But without agility on the portfolio level, you‘re not actually using that delivery...

Are you afraid of user feedback?

Are you afraid of user feedback?

While sprint reviews or system demos are meant to focus on feedback from users, so that you can deliver more value… …some PMs and POs are afraid that user feedback could challenge their plans/backlogs. What I see play out almost every week is the struggle to adopt an...

Have the damn guts to walk out on a meeting!

Have the damn guts to walk out on a meeting!

Take responsibility for your own productive time! Agility is about autonomy. Autonomy means you‘re responsible for your time. Sitting through meetings just because somebody invited you is not a responsible use of your time. 👉 Have the courage to decline meeting...

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