Agile Memes

Are you sweating over picking the right agile framework?

Jun 23, 2023 | Meme, Organization, Transformation

Whether you use SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, Kanban … is NOT the important success factor for agility. Just as picking the best electric guitar is not gonna make you a rock star. 🎸

Frameworks and models are just 20% of what makes you agile.

What really makes or breaks agility? What are the other 80%?

👉 It’s the values, the mindset, the view of the human being.

It might sound intangible, but it can be achieved in deliberate practical steps! 

Don’t stop at preaching agile values or reading the agile manifesto – take actionable steps towards changing your view of the human being, building trust, establishing a good failure culture, instilling accountability … 

Because what ultimately makes or breaks any agile transformation, are these 80%!

And if you get the view of the human being and the mindset right, you can become insanely agile no matter which framework you use.

Does your agile transformation focus on frameworks or view of the human being?