Agile Memes

What makes or breaks an Agile Transformation?

Apr 28, 2023 | Meme, Transformation

Is it the framework you pick? Is it the tools you use? Is it how many teams dutifully exercise their sprints?

I often see significant focus on choosing a scaling framework, teaching people how to do method xyz and picking “agile” tools. 🤔🤨🧐

But that is only a tiny percentage of what helps a company to become truly agile!

What is much more important than all the above, is how you view and treat other human beings! 🙌

As long as you…

😡 squeeze your employees into job descriptions, 
😡 punish them for failure, 
😡 force processes onto them to check quality, 
😡 tell them how to work, 
😡 not let them talk to the customer or see all business data,

…you’re essentially treating them as incapable & lazy human beings.  

A key ingredient for agility is:

⭐️⭐️ Treat your employees (including managers) as adults! 

👉 Always assume positive intent (API), even if they made mistakes or underdelivered
👉 Trust them
👉 Understand that intrinsic motivation is the force
👉 Let them decide how to work and what to work on
👉 Give them a vision, give them all they need to do their work, and then get the heck out of the way

That change in how a company culture views human beings is more decisive for the success of an agile transformation than any framework or tool could ever be.